mestel Diamond

Mestel Diamond Breakthrough Technology

Mestel Diamond in partnership with DiamArt is a breakthrough in technology. As a world first, we now inlay microdiamonds to Mestel styling rubber products.

Mestel Diamond is the trend with a touch of exclusivity

Mestel Diamond comes after long research and Mestel’s know-how. This is true particularly in terms of stability, and the technique of coupling material. In addition, the styling rubber products we adorn with microdiamonds are certified.

Renowned for its sporty and trendy side, Mestel styling rubber adds an original touch to the product it composes. With Mestel Diamond, it’s possible to personalise embellishments and choose different diamond colours.

Whether it’s the material itself, the design, or the colours integrated, Mestel Diamond innovation brings together the trend with a touch of exclusivity.

For watches, sports, jewellery or leather goods, our diamond inlay technique offers unprecedented possibilities of customisation.

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