The best of the best materials

Material innovation is essential for Mestel and plays a central role in the company's production, especially for products with high added value.

A few years ago, Mestel invested in new materials. With the idea of improving the existing high-level compounds, we experimented and reconsidered the current processes used in rubber. After 2 years, this process results in a new compound combining the best qualities of FKM and HNBR: MSTL.

PropertiesMestel FKMMestel HNBRMestel MSTL
Neutral colourWhiteYellowTranslucent
Ageing / chemical resistance544
Standard colours (black, white, pantone, guides)YesSelectionYes
Special effect (pearlescent, fluo, etc)--Yes
Aesthetic characteristics - Soft touch and scent535
Mechanical properties355
Tensile strength (MPa)14,824,524,4
Tear strength (N mm)26,540,439,8

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