From 3D modelling to mould production, let’s create your elastomer and polymer injection components together

Industry 4.0 meets elastomer and polymer injection

We pride ourselves on the high-quality elastomer and polymer injection services we deliver right here in Switzerland. From idea right through to implementation, we push ourselves to keep doing better than before. Do you have an idea? Then let us design your component in 3D, refine it, produce a mould, and deliver the end product directly to you. With Mestel you can count on outstanding elastomer and polymer injection services, as well as short turnaround times.

Our mission is to strike the perfect balance between the economic, technological, practical and aesthetic needs of our customers. This is why we entrust product design to a team of skilled, resourceful and responsive engineers.

The Mestel SA development department uses the data provided by the customer to construct 3D models and, when required, conducts small batch tests. For more challenging development processes, our simulation software is able to perform operations ranging from load resistance calculations right up to the analysis of complex dynamic behaviours.

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