Mestel styling rubber – elegant, sporty, contemporary, stylish

The potential and versatility of Mestel styling rubber have not escaped the attention of the luxury goods industry. From watchmaking, luggage and handbags, right up to sporting goods. The trust that our clients place in us and the prestige that we enjoy as a result of these partnerships push Mestel to stretch styling rubber to its creative limits.

Our facilities in Switzerland and Italy have the capabilities needed to manage the entire product lifecycle in house: from compounding to product design, right up to tooling (moulds).

We make every effort to select elastomer materials that have the right intrinsic qualities and meet all relevant legal, environmental and medical norms.

With 40 years of experience in combining polymers and elastomers with other components, we’re able to create detail to finish unlike any other. Mastering the creation of colours in-house, the range of current and future colours, allows us to tailor to the needs of our clients. In addition, we’re able to play around with the texturisation and personalisation of watchstraps.

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