Recycled Rubber

Bringing recycled rubber a step further

As a way to minimise its environmental impact, Mestel has developed REEBBER recycled rubber. Doing this has led not only to renewed infrastructures, machines, and processes, but also to restoring elastomer materials otherwise lost in production waste.

After a year of research, we’ve developed and registered a devulcanising and grinding process of rubber (FKM – HNBR) under specific conditions, notably relating to temperature. This guarantees the circularity and preservation of the original properties of the material which is re-established as first-rate FKM or HNBR, as found in REEBBER recycled rubber.

Create your REEBBER

Create your REEBBER watchstrap in black, neutral, and a range of colours, with the possibility to hide or visibly show that recycled rubber element.

The results obtained are equal or superior to FKM / HNBR in terms of:
– Resistance to stretching and tearing
– Adhesion to substrates
– Ageing and chemical resistance

With our expertise and know-how, we would be delighted to meet with you and create your personalised REEBBER watchstraps.

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